* ROBBIE WILLIAMS * He is the best singer on earth! I love him! He is beautiful, sexy, sweet, charming, lovely, funny, cheecky, intelligent, chic, and the most important: A BORN ENTERTAINER!!
  * ROBBIE WILLIAMS * He is the best singer on earth! I love him! He is beautiful, sexy, sweet, charming, lovely, funny, cheecky, intelligent, chic, and the most important: A BORN ENTERTAINER!!
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Robbie - The 6th most popular on INTERNET
Angels - Most played on funerals
Guy accused tim for defamation
Alex Turner's Robbie strut

Welcome to the RobbieWilliams1023 Blog!
Here I post all the latest news of our Robster!

Name: Robert Peter Williams
Age: 33 years old
Birth-Date: 13 February 1974
Birth-place: Stoke-On-Trent, England
Zoodiac: Aquarius
Father's name: Peter Williams
Mother's name: Jeanette Williams
Sister's name: Sally
School: Robbie studied in Mill Hill Primary School; And later went to St Margaret School, both in Stoke-On-Trent.
Favourites Sports: Football (Port Vale and LA Vale) and Golf.
Favourite footballer: Zidane & Maradonna
Favourite Animal: Dog
Favourite Film:Grease
Favourite Band:The Beatles
Biggest Fear:The Shadowy Elite

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( RW 1023 Blog Portugal - It is the new blog about Robbie Williams... With the latest news/ pics/ information/ Downloads/ Gallery/ etc... You will found everything you want about your favourite singer: Robbie Williams... )

The Latest News:

Robbie - The 6th most popular on INTERNET ---->
The english site Garlik recently launched QDOS, a system which measures the digital status of an individual - in order to find the 50 most popular stars on the Internet, of the United Kingdom. According to the results of this research, Robbie is the 6th most popular!

TOP 10:
1 Imogen Heap 8902
2 Lily Allen 8819
3 Richard Dawkins 8703
4 Ozzy Osbourne 8672
5 Elton John 8467
6 Robbie Williams 8260
7 Simon Le Bon 8098
8 Damon Albarn 7917
9 Danny Jones 7832
10 Sting 7814

SOURCE: www.purerobbie.com

Angels - Most played on funerals ---->
According to a researshe made by www.yourdeathwish.com the song Angels its the most played in funerals! One place blow, its the classic My Way of Frank Sinatra.

Top 10:

1 Robbie Williams – Angels
2 Frank Sinatra – My Way
3 Monty Python – Always Look on the Bright Side
4 Led Zeppelin – Stairway to Heaven
5 Queen – Who Wants to Live Forever
6 Green Day – Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)
7 REM – Everybody Hurts
8 Oasis – Live Forever 8
9 Bette Midler – Wind Beneath My Wings 9
10 Royal Scots Dragoon Guards – Amazing Grace

Source: www.purerobbie.com

Guy accused tim for defamation ---->
Guy Hand (the director of EMI) accused Tim Clark (The manager of Robbie) of defamation because the statements that Tim made, in which he accused Guy to behave as "owner of a plantation," in relation to how the industry runs musical and also for having bought the EMI simply for vanity. Now, Robbie is obliged to launch another album for EMI - even if he doen't want to (to offset sales of Rudebox), and Terra Firma said if he doesnt do it, then he will be processed!

Source: www.robbiewilliamslive.com


Robbie Williams' hot romance with stunning actress AYDA FIELD has hit the rocks. Pals predicted She's The One as American Ayda tamed the serial seducer superstar.

But SHE wants to stay near Hollywood to boost her career - while HE is getting fed up with LA and longs to be on the road. The rift has deeply saddened Robbie, 33 - who had obviously piled on weight when the pair were recently spotted in Beverly Hills wearing the tracksuits of his footie team, LA Vale.

A source said: "When they started discussing the future it became clear they want different things.

"Robbie's life on tour or promoting his music can be hectic. He is feeling inspired but doesn't really want to record his next album in LA. Ayda is doing well and can't afford to be away from LA all the time."

Robbie has dated 28-year-old Ayda for 10 months. The singer introduced her to former Take That bandmates GARY BARLOW and MARK OWEN and members of his family.

The source added: "Ayda stimulated Robbie mentally and physically. "He was smitten. And because she has a career Robbie felt secure that she wasn't with him for his fame and money."

Ayda appears regularly on American TV and is on the verge of becoming a massive star after a role in sitcom Back To You.

"She's bright and sexy and made Robbie laugh," the source said. "It will be a shame if they can't work things out. But things are looking very rocky."

Source: www.people.co.uk

Alex Turner's Robbie strut ---->
Alex Turner pretends to be Robbie Williams in the recording studio.

The Arctic Monkeys frontman, who collaborated with The Rascals frontman Miles Kane on a solo album, has revealed the pair enjoyed imagining they were Robbie and his former song-writing partner Guy Chambers when they worked together.

Mike said: "He struts around the room and I sit down with the pad. We say we're Guy and Robbie. We take it in turns to be Robbie."

Alex, 22, added: "We said that to take the p**s but there were bits where one of us would be dead excited about something and the other would just go, 'Yeah, alright.' You imagine that's what they'd be like, Robbie doing kick-ups or something and getting excited."

The pair recorded their new album - due out in April - along with producer James Ford in a remote studio in northern France last August and admit they went a little crazy.

Alex said: "There were loads of little cakes in the studio so we ate a lot of cake.

"We rode our bikes one afternoon for about a mile and properly freaked out. It was like a 'Carry On' film."

Mike added: "We had our tops off as well, and shorts! Shorts, tops off, full of cake and lots of red wine too."

Source: www.purerobbie.com
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